How About We Don’t Give Terrorism a Face?

The last few days have been painted in sadness by the horrible attacks in New Zealand and the Netherlands. There is no way to really wrap my mind around the evil and hatred behind these acts, and my thoughts go out to all the victims and their families❤️ You can help by donating here: United... Continue Reading →


Unknown Terror by Christina de Vries (poem)

The news of it all over the place A newfound terror from an unknown face A fear of not knowing what to look for Of everything falling apart behind the next door Has the terrorists already won Now that we fear our safety as gone Police tell us to not change our ways To be... Continue Reading →

How the terrorists have already won

We live in an age where terrorism is happening more than ever. We see it on the news almost every day now. Usually in smaller scales than the ones that has really stuck to our minds. And there are some who really sticks. July 22nd 2011, Norway got to feel a terrorist attack first hand.... Continue Reading →

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