Why My Favorite Seasons Changed

When I was younger I used to love the winter and fall season. When it started to get colder and darker, my mood just got better and better. Here in Norway, when it is at its darkest during the winter, we only get sunlight for a few hours a day, and I used to absolutely... Continue Reading →

Waiting ● POEM

How she longed Waited in the dark Soul shivering  Bones rattling  ☼ How she wished For the bright The invisible touch That would warm her ☼ How she smiled When it drew near With a promise  Of arriving soon ● ©Christina de Vries    


Just like falling in love It comes with a promise of more Some of it you know from the past Some will be like never before It comes with a promise One you want it to keep Comes with smiles and warmth And nights with lack of deep sleep There when you wake up You... Continue Reading →

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