Shots of Awe – Cinema is Cartography For the Mind

Boys and girls, it is that time again to sit down and enjoy another gorgeous video from Shots of Awe and Jason Silva.

Transfixed by Beauty

Boys and girls and geeks of all ages!! A new video has been released by Shots of Awe and it’s just as gorgeous as the others! How often do you find yourself transfixed by beauty? I feel incredibly lucky to be able to find beauty in the weirdest things in this world. I use a... Continue Reading →

Madness – Shots of Awe

It's that time again boys and girls! Shots of Awe has published another beautiful video about creativity! I share their thought on creative people being mad in different ways. We escape reality to find the things that can be used to tell a story, produce a song, a sculpture etc. And some lose themselves along... Continue Reading →

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