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I survived!

Saturday came and went and turned out to be a lot better than I expected it to be. Kathrine and I were both nervous and feeling less than excited about the whole event. Instead of actually renting a place where we could have a reunion party they went with the let’s-meet-up-at-the-beach-solution which had the end result of not a lot of people showing up at all. At the most I think we were about nineteen out of the 120 invited. We stayed for two hours and even that was pushing it beyond the point of utter boredom. None of the nineteen was from hour class so we didn’t really know them anyway.

But on the plus side of it all, the people who bullied me weren’t there either. So I didn’t have to go through all the fake greetings and the not so pleasant walk down memory lane.

We eventually went back to my fathers house and sat there sharing a bottle of wine before we took a night out on the town.  There we meet one of my younger brothers and there were a lot of smiles, talking and dancing. We went home at four in the morning with a feeling of bliss and smiles on our faces.

At the end of it all I’m glad I went. Now I don’t have to wonder if I missed anything. And the cherry on top was getting a lot of quality time with family and friends. I wish the weekends could last a little longer..


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It’s reunion time…

The time has come. It’s been ten years since I got out of high school and this weekend we’re having a reunion.

I’m going to admit that I do have mixed feelings about this reunion. I wasn’t any kind of popular in school and was bullied a lot. I got to feel how cruel girls at that age can really be. A part of me wants to meet those girls and tell them that every mean word they ever threw me has made me into to strong person I am today, and yet there is another part of me that wants to run away screaming.

I do have a feeling that as they have now grown up they will act like the bullying never happened, but the ones that are bullied forgive but we never forget. If any of them would be big enough of a person and give me an apology I would gladly accept it, but I don’t expect any of them to give me that. I’m expecting a fake welcoming and the girlfriend act that pisses me off big time.

“Hiiii! How are you?? What have you been up to?? “

For over two years they made my life miserable and for some reason it should all just be well and forgotten. I’m not saying that I’m holding a grudge because that isn’t the kind of person I am, but there still is a part of me that hurts whenever I think back to those years.

Maybe I’m just afraid of feeling all of those things again. And even though I know that I’m a strong person I don’t really know how I will react to the situation. I usually avoid being stuck in places with people I don’t get along with. It’s not worth my energy or my time.

This time I’m making an exception and giving it a go. I’m so glad that Kathrine and I are still friends so that we can go to this thing together. And we have decided that if we feel uncomfortable and anyone of us wants to leave we will do so. Then she and I will go out and have a glorious time as we usually do!

It feels good to have a plan B.


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