Returning ● POEM

Her tears salted  Marks in the snow  Footprints leaving  Was the only thing That welcomed her home ☼ ©Christina de Vries

The Veil ● POEM

Surrounded by ruins of past love Her walls built then shattered Over and over again Now they were too heavy to lift The pieces no longer fit together They were broken She was bruised So instead of trying to build A wall filled with cracks She wrapped herself in layers Of protective veil  Spun out... Continue Reading →

Naked – POEM

I am naked To call out the voice of shame Laugh in its face Beat it at its own game   I am naked To bare my very soul What’s inside this flesh Is what makes me whole   I shed my clothes And fear screams of treason But when I really listen It’s clear... Continue Reading →

Ocean Dreams – POEM

Like a rock out of its place The waves of life Tossed her back and forth Hitting obstacles, cracking open And then moving on Until one day she landed here Embraced by the mountain So stable and predictable The waves still came  But in the crevice she found Comfort in rolling around It felt safe... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block – POEM

Blank papers and a pen almost dried out I have so much to write about But as I put that pen to paper It's still as blank an hour later There's so much going on, changes I'd like to share But my searches turn up empty, the right words aren't there Maybe those words aren't... Continue Reading →

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