The Time to Leave Will Come

I've been living in Oslo on and off for about 11-12 years now, and having spent a decade in a city, there are bound to be some memories attached to it. I've gone through relationships, dating, heartbreak, friendships, disappointment and utter joy here, and pretty much everywhere I go that's close to central Oslo is... Continue Reading →

Best Vegan Enchiladas in Oslo?

As a vegan I often get asked where I like to go out to eat in Oslo, and if I had to choose just one place to recommend it would be nordvegan! Wonderful atmosphere, desserts to die for, interesting sodas and maybe Oslo's best enchiladas! And best of all; IT'S ALL VEGAN! Their food options... Continue Reading →

Let’s make new memories!

I'm currently at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, having breakfast and doing a bit of writing while I'm waiting for boarding to open. Last time I wrote a post from the same place as now, I was headed to London. This plane is bringing me to London too, but this time around I have a transfer flight... Continue Reading →

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