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If Only We Could Replace Your Face

When I was about 14 years old, I had a crush on a guy that was my friend. We had som pretty long conversations over the phone, and I could always count on him being honest with me. I don’t remember much from all of the late night conversations we had, but there’s one conversation in particular that I will never forget. It’s the one who broke down my already battered self esteem.

I don’t remember how we got into the subject, but for some reason he told me that he’d overheard some of the guys talk about me. I asked him what they said, and at first he was reluctant to tell me. He did eventually tell me though, and in hindsight I wish he never had.

“The guys think you have a really good looking body, they just wish that they could replace your face.”

My whole life crumbled at that moment. The little self esteem a bullied 14 year old me had vanished. I remember crying in my room after my mom and the rest of the family went to bed. Sobbing as quietly as I could.

For years I only saw myself as “a body”. When I looked in the mirror I could appreciate my shape, but there were so many things I wanted to change when it came to my face. I got into modelling when I turned 18, and that made it even worse after a while. After seeing the photographers photoshop my nose smaller again and again, the complex I already had for my nose grew into a giant monster that was constantly sitting on my shoulders, whispering about how wrong my face was and how I should probably think about doing something about it.

It got to the point where I actually had booked a consultation with a plastic surgeon, but when the day came I just couldn’t bring myself to go.

I was determined to fix it one day though. For years it felt like something I really needed to do sooner or later.

Kids can be so cruel, but often they don’t know the impact their cruelty can have. And I really want to believe that they don’t know that their bullying can change peoples lives for years. The media business is a whole other story for another day.

I feel lucky that I’ve grown to love myself and the way I look. That I’ve learned to appreciate the things that makes me look different. Knowing that I wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone looked exactly the same.

Do I still have moments where I don’t like what I see? Yes, that monster sometimes returns at weak moments and whispers things when I’m having a bad day.

Do I still want to do something about my nose? No, I have no plans of going through with rhinoplasty. This is the nose that my parents gave me, and this is who I’m supposed to be.

Self love is something that’s very important to me, and something that I’ve written and talked about several times. It’s something we all need to practice more and help each other out with. Self love can be a tough exercise, but we all need to do it and do it more often!

I’m currently taking notes for a few self love videos that I’m hoping to make this fall. I’m excited to be working on something that’s so important to me, and I look forward to sharing it with you guys!

Love yourself and share your love!


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Girl Crush

There’s no secret that I have a love for anything out there that encourages people to love themselves for who they are. That is exactly why I have a girl crush on Meghan Trainor and her song “All About the Bass”.

“Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

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4 Days.. 6 Years.. Who cares??

The big talk these past days here in Norway has been about blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen’s post on instagram. She posted this picture four days after giving birth to her first child:

I didn’t really think much about it other than being slightly surprised thinking back to how my body looked four days after I gave birth to Leander.
Then the reactions came in huge waves. The media picked up on it and it really has gotten way more attention than necessarybfl from my point of view.
Some congratulate her on being fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy and others are screaming louder than ever about her being a bad rolemodel for young girls.

So what do I think?
I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to write about this at all, but as the double standard from all the screamers just grew and grew, I couldn’t just let this pass.

Why is it that when a curvy woman shows off her body she is considered confident, beautiful and a good role model, but when someone who is naturally skinny and not having any eating disorder does the same thing then people start screaming about it being wrong??

I know several girls who are naturally skinny like she is. They don’t have eating disorders, they exercise to keep healthy and they eat healthy because they care about what they put into their bodies. Why is this suddenly a bad role model? Just because we think about the catwalk models when we see them?

I write a lot about having confidence in our selves and to love the body that we live in. And this does apply to skinny people as well curvy ones. There aren’t any restrictions to this! The important thing is to take care of your own body and to find that confidence within you.

Is there bad role models for young girls out there? Hell yes!
Is Caroline one of them? Not really..
Bodies are different. People are different. And from what I’ve seen of her blog and read about her she seems like an active and healthy person. And she also has a certain body type and genes to follow that makes her naturally skinny. So why shouldn’t she be able to be proud of her body just as much as a curvy woman??

Do you see the double standard here??!?

So why do we fuzz and scream about this?? How about focusing on ourselves instead of pointing our fingers at everyone and everything else. Let us love the body that we’re in, focus on being healthy but also enjoying life and to share our good thoughts and compliments with other people.


My body, six years after giving birth.
What’s the point?
Four days? Six years? The point is that there really isn’t any reason to scream and shout about it. It’s just a body! Let us love the one we got and accept others as well.

Stop the double standard! Be proud of your body!

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