A Secret Love Letter

I’ve been keeping you secret for a while now, and I will continue to do so for a little longer. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m overwhelmed with emotion that has a need to come out. So here it is, a secret love letter: In a time when I had sworn off dating,... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter of Sorts

To the one that started it all You were the first. The one that I compared everyone to for years. I'm pretty sure you never really understood how much I loved you, and I'm even more sure that it was completely unfair to everyone that was ever compared to you. I never really had you,... Continue Reading →

To My Future Husband

I’m pretty sure we haven’t met yet and still I kind of miss you already. I miss the way I want us to cuddle while listening to the rain. How we laugh at each other’s stupid jokes. How you roll your eyes when I’m trying in the fifth dress and we should have left twenty... Continue Reading →

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