A Love Letter of Sorts

To the one that started it all You were the first. The one that I compared everyone to for years. I'm pretty sure you never really understood how much I loved you, and I'm even more sure that it was completely unfair to everyone that was ever compared to you. I never really had you,... Continue Reading →

Something About Moving On

I've written about the subject of letting go and moving on multiple times on this blog, and I will probably continue on writing about it for years to come. To master the act of letting go and moving on, you have to go through experience after experience, and it will never feel or be exactly... Continue Reading →

Not Everyone Waves Goodbye

(Photo: Kirsti H. Backman) We say it, we think it, we hear it and we experience it pretty much every single day. The goodbyes. Some are silent. Some are loud. Some are just politeness. Some are filled with tears, some with smiles, and some with both. There are goodbyes that needs to be said. There... Continue Reading →

Grounded ● POEM

In a place surrounded  By people who comes back And the ones leaving That is where I left you The luggage I could not bring That is where I was lifted Grew wings and flew But roots held you in place Arms stretching towards the sky Unable to let go ● ©Christina de Vries  

Never Know – POEM

 There was a genuine fear Of the unknown He pushed with one hand And held tight with the other Afraid to miss out Too scared to give in He wanted answers That no one could give He wanted promises Where none could be made She kissed the hand That held on Opened up his fingers... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

As they lay there with only a wall and a closed door between them, the space between them had grown too big to cross. A crack in the lifetime that could no longer be repaired. And none of their lives will ever be the same. First comes the hurt. The uncertainty in not knowing where... Continue Reading →

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