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Transfixed by Beauty

Boys and girls and geeks of all ages!! A new video has been released by Shots of Awe and itโ€™s just as gorgeous as the others! How often do you find yourself transfixed by beauty? I feel incredibly lucky to be able to find beauty in the weirdest things in this world. I use a... Continue Reading →

Madness – Shots of Awe

It's that time again boys and girls! Shots of Awe has published another beautiful video about creativity! I share their thought on creative people being mad in different ways. We escape reality to find the things that can be used to tell a story, produce a song, a sculpture etc. And some lose themselves along... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Start -2014

For those of you who visit my page regularly, you know how much I love the Shots of Awe videos on YouTube. I find them absolutely fascinating and beautiful! As a start to the new year Iโ€™m sharing the latest Shots of Awe video with you guys before Iโ€™m heading to bed in the company... Continue Reading →

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