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Friendship isn’t a big thing…

One thing that always overwhelm me whenever I’m having a hard time (and am willing to admit it) is how much love I have in my life. I wouldn’t say that I have a lot of friends, but I do have a few and the ones that are closest to me are so warmhearted and they give so much of themselves.

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by people with so much love to give. Friends that will cry together with me, as well as roll around on the floor laughing till we almost pee our pants. And I will do the same for them. This is something I wish for everyone to have in their life. And it’s not important to collect many of these friends, but to hold on to and nourish those friendships that are true. I know it isn’t always easy. I’ve done the mistake of forgetting to take care of my friendships several times, and so have they. At times it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that’s going on in your own life, and hard to move outside of ones own bubble. It’s just the way it is. But we always end up with a reminder. Something that bursts the bubble and shows us how important all of the things outside of it really is.

And if there’s one thing the last week has been a reminder of for me, it’s how much love I have in my life. How much I love those dorky and wonderful friends of mine. And above all; how grateful I am for them loving me back.

Thank you for the warm thoughts and wishes, for the shoulders to cry on, the bad jokes, the late nights, the phone calls and the warm hugs. You guys are the best and I love you more than words can say!

Friendship isn’t a big thing – It’s a million little things ❤️


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365 Grateful – What an amazing project!

I came across the 365 Grateful project on New Years Eve and thought it was the most convenient timing to ever stumble across such a project.

Take a look at this:

I decided to do my own 365 Grateful project in 2014 and I absolutely love it! There’s so much beauty to be found in the world in this project sort of forces you to see all these things that you might have missed otherwise.

I’ve already taken a lot of pictures and some videos. For those of you who know me or usually read posts here on Geek Heaven you would know that I already do have a lot of gratitude for the “small things” in life. Therefor I actually find it difficult to choose just one picture a day when there are so many things happening every day that we can be grateful for. My project will be a little bit different. My Grateful Year will be a collection of pictures, videos, poems and quotes. I haven’t figured out all the details around this yet, but it’s still early in the making.

The writing and the pictures I might make into a personal book that I can have in my home when it is finished. Anyhow…. I’m going to bring you along on the journey of My Grateful Year and why not do your own project?

This project that Hailey started is so incredibly inspiring and I think that everyone should do a personal project like this. Do it for a week or a month! I can guarantee you that it will open your eyes to things you normally would have overlooked.

Remember to be grateful! This is your very own amazing life! It comes with its share of flaws and imperfections, but nevertheless it is the most beautiful thing if you only open your eyes and take a look!

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