Google Interviews a Bookworm

A little while back I was asked by The Machinery Magazine if I wanted to take part in their YouTube channel launch by doing a Google autocomplete interview about books and bookworms. Of course I said yes, and today they launched the channel and my video! Have a look and let me know what you... Continue Reading →

10 surprising facts about Google

Who doesn't love fun facts?? Browsing the web I found these fun facts about Google and it had to be shared! If you liked this then you should visit All Time 10s YouTube channel and subscribe!

Apple and YouTube breaks up!

The legal battle between Apple and Google is starting to show. First Apple came out and told us that they would get rid of Google Maps in favor of their own mapping system, now they've confirmed that the integrated YouTube app that we all know from their devices will not be present on their iOS... Continue Reading →

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