This One is Important!

"What do you think the meaning of life is?" Have you ever gotten that question? Ever sat down with a glass of wine and pondered over it? Has it ever kept you up at night? Made you stressed and insecure about your whole existence? If the answer is no, then good for you! Kudos, high... Continue Reading →


Floating Promise ● POEM

I whispered into bubbles Let my dreams float Watching them reach Towards the very sky With a silent promise That so would I ☼ ©Christina de Vries

My Dream Day

As a Live a Great Story Ambassador, we get weekly challenges, and the challenge for this week was all about visualising your dreams. Writing them down with as much detail as you can, and to manifest it! Because when it comes to working against your goals and dreams, it's so important to have a clear... Continue Reading →

The Big Escape ● POEM

This is waking up Eyes opening Fingers reaching Finally feeling ● This is realizing Lies exposed Truth coming clear Impossible to unsee ● This is escaping Wings spreading Soul soaring Breaking free ©Christina de Vries

Dare to be great!

I hit that send button with a lot of thoughts going through my mind. Maybe I should have written it differently. Maybe I bragged too much. Or what if I bragged too little? I would be perfect for this!  I wouldn't have a clue.. Maybe it was a mistake... By the time the word "mistake"... Continue Reading →

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