About to be Uncovered!

Apple has told us that they still have a lot to cover! Will we be seeing a new iPad and iPad mini? We will know soon. The event starts in 15 minutes! *excited*

What Apple brought..

It was time for the big launch of the new Apple flagship on a mildly cold autumn Tuesday. One curious ginger waited impatiently for the big show but at the back of her mind she was worried. ‘Was there any hope of not getting as disappointed as the last time Tim Cook took to the... Continue Reading →

Apple – bring it on!

Even though a lot of people don't want to admit that they've waited for Apple to launch their new products I think that most of them should admit that they are curious. I sure am! And very soon the wait is over. Their press conference is set today and I will be doing a post... Continue Reading →

Hey, what do you know??

Apple invited the press back to another product launch on October 23rd. There's been a lot of rumors going around about the iPad mini, and this might be it! I can't really think of anything else that they might have to bring to the table, unless it's there 13¨ MacBook Pro who's joining the Retina... Continue Reading →

An extra excuse for playing with Lego?

Not that you actually need one! Even as an adult Lego never gets uncool 😛 But how about combining Lego, iPod touch and apps with endless possibilities? That's where Tinkerbrick comes in! They've made a Lego case for the iPod 4G that allows you to use that brilliant imagination of yours to make your device... Continue Reading →

Apple and YouTube breaks up!

The legal battle between Apple and Google is starting to show. First Apple came out and told us that they would get rid of Google Maps in favor of their own mapping system, now they've confirmed that the integrated YouTube app that we all know from their devices will not be present on their iOS... Continue Reading →

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