Ocean Dreams – POEM

Like a rock out of its place The waves of life Tossed her back and forth Hitting obstacles, cracking open And then moving on Until one day she landed here Embraced by the mountain So stable and predictable The waves still came  But in the crevice she found Comfort in rolling around It felt safe... Continue Reading →

Never Know – POEM

 There was a genuine fear Of the unknown He pushed with one hand And held tight with the other Afraid to miss out Too scared to give in He wanted answers That no one could give He wanted promises Where none could be made She kissed the hand That held on Opened up his fingers... Continue Reading →

Run Forrest, Run!!

Well I'm not planing on strapping on my running shoes and leave everything behind for an unknown amount of time, but I have been getting into running again. I started running again right before my vacation started, and I brought my workout clothes with me so that I could continue on with the good habit... Continue Reading →

This is Where I Write – POEM

In the corner of a hidden smile At the end of a falling tear The beginning of a question mark  Underneath the clothes I wear * Half awake and always dreaming Never lost, but still unfound In between colours, black and white Wings spread wide and roots in the ground * For all to see,... Continue Reading →

Let’s make new memories!

I'm currently at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, having breakfast and doing a bit of writing while I'm waiting for boarding to open. Last time I wrote a post from the same place as now, I was headed to London. This plane is bringing me to London too, but this time around I have a transfer flight... Continue Reading →

From Lost to Found – POEM

Sometimes there's only grass No path to follow Direction unknown And every answered question Leaves you more lost than before * Time passes you by slowly In the rustling of leaves And dreams move on too fast On cotton balls in the sky While you are walking in circles * The thunderstorm comes rolling in... Continue Reading →

Hidden – POEM

I've hidden you in a box Down in the darkness Where only I can find you The path to the box is hidden too By unspoken dreams And lost words Don't go looking for you You won't like what you find You'll get lost in the darkness I hid you away for a reason You... Continue Reading →

I was thinking about routines…

Right around the transition into 2016, I watched a video that gave some tips and tricks on how to become a morning person. I've never been a morning person. It's not that I'm grumpy or angry in the morning, I'm generally a happy camper most of the time. It's more that I struggle to actually... Continue Reading →

The Window by Christina de Vries

His eyes. Dreaming. Lost. The first thing I noticed. He was standing there.  Looking out of his window.  Staring into forever.  He didn't notice me.  Or so I thought.  * A flower. Blooming. Beautiful. The next day it was there.  Bright yellow. Alone. A yellow face of petals. Waving to the world from his window.... Continue Reading →

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