I Fell in Love With a Couple of Indie Movies!

Sharing a couple of movies I've watched and loved recently🎥

Sweet Free Books!!

If you haven't heard about Sweet Free Books then you are in for a treat!! Although a Kindle tablet is placed high on this years wish list I have really gotten to know and love the Kindle App that I'm using more and more on my HTC One. So today I got a pleasant surprise... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Apps of June!

June has come and passed and better later than never, here are my most used apps of June 🙂 1. Minion Rush We've been waiting for the sequel to Despicable Me for a while now and Gameloft gave us a little tease with the game Minion Rush. It has a lot of resemblance to Subway... Continue Reading →

Touch This – Top 5 Apps of May

There are times when I don’t feel like reading, writing or doing anything creative at all, and in times like that I usually reach out to my Samsung Galaxy Note II. So today I’m going to share my top 5 apps of May. These are the apps that I used the most during the last... Continue Reading →

Look what I got in the mail!!!

This is by far one of the geekest and coolest accessories I own at the moment! Just had to post a quick post to share them with you guys! Anf if you want a pair of your own then I can recommend the seller I bought them from on eBay. Her name is roselover88809.  Shipping... Continue Reading →

Decorating walls!

A while back  I ordered some removable wall decals so that I easily could decorate my walls without having to do something really permanent. Yesterday I got two of them. This one went up next to our dinner table: And this one went into the bedroom: It turned out really well. The first one had... Continue Reading →

My (not so new) obsession!

I've been reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower series for a while now. It's taken me longer than it usually would to read them, but I'm picking up pace now a days. I'm on book number five at the moment "Wolves of the Calla", and these books just keeps on surprising me. I've never read... Continue Reading →

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