The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by Jenny Colgan 📚 BOOK REVIEW


Jenny Colgan

I read a paperback version of The Little Shop of Happy Ever After.

Genre: Fiction, contemporary, romance.

Publisher: Sphere

Originally published: January 11th, 2016

Pages: 343 (Paperback)

Audiobook length: 9 hrs, 13 mins



Blurb by the publisher:

Nina is a librarian who spends her days happily matchmaking books and people – she always knows what someone should read next. But when her beloved library closes and she’s suddenly out of a job, Nina has no idea what to do next. Then an advert catches her eye: she could be the owner of a tiny little bookshop bus, driving around the Scottish highlands.

Using up all her courage, and her savings, Nina makes a new start in the beautiful Scottish highlands. But real life is a bit trickier than the stories she loves – especially when she keeps having to be rescued by the grumpy-but-gorgeous farmer next door..


It's a book for book lovers and just the sweet little break that I 

My thoughts:

I don’t often read romance/contemporary novels. If you follow my book reviews, you know that I like my fiction to be a bit more on the dark side. But the romantic in me likes to dive into some lighter and easier stories from time to time, and that was definitely why I picked up this book.

The Little Shop of Happy Ever After was on sale on Bookdepository a while back, and I was drawn to it because it was supposed to be perfect for book lovers, and a lot of it is set in Scotland.

I love books, and I have always wanted to go to Scotland, so I threw it in that webshop basket. The book arrived and it ended up on my bookshelf for a long while, where  I kind of forgot about it. And then the Booktube-a-thon 2018 came around and I was searching through my shelves for the books to put on my tbr, and there it was!

I really didn’t have any expectations for the book, other than for it to be a fluffy and easy read, which it was.

What caught me by surprise was just how witty, smart and lovely it was! The characters were funny and interesting, and the story was more about facing one’s fear than about the romance alone. It’s about the love for literature, and about finding the things in life that truly makes us happy.

There is a fair amount of romance in it too, but it was cute, not the kind that makes me roll my eyes.

It’s a book for book lovers and just the sweet little break that I needed.

Highly recommend if you’re looking for a sweet and fluffy read that’s witty and targeted specifically for book lovers!


Do you want to make up your own opinion about the book?

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