Bucharest, Here I come!

Well, in about a week or so at least! But I am getting ready for it now, and have been for a little while already.

No, I haven’t started packing just yet, even though I so look forward to my next adventure that I kinda want to! But I have started researching a bit and found some information about Bucharest, and some places that I really want to visit.

When I travel solo, plans are rarely set in stone. I don’t want my adventures to be stressful in any kind of way, but taking notes on a few things that I like to visit and see is something that I always do.

The absolute best is to get recommendations from either locals or people you know who’ve traveled to the same destination. When I posted the featured picture in this post and wrote about Bucharest I got a few IMs from people I know that gave me lots and lots of fantastic recommendations! And now I’m even more excited if that’s even possible!

So I have a list of things that I might see and do, I’ve formatted all my memory cards and I’ve located a couple of vegan restaurants and cafés that I really want to try out. Will be interesting to see if they can live up to all the fantastic vegan food in Amsterdam. We’ll see!

Can’t wait to explore Bucharest and to share it with you guys! Let me know if there’s anything in particular that you want to see, or if you have any tips or recommendations for me to see/do while I’m there 💛


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  1. Seeing all of your travels is making me want to travel now! I’m currently saving up money and looking into places to visit.

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