A Confession!

I have a confession to make! I don’t like skiing, and I’m so done with snow right about now! I know, I know! That’s not a very Norwegian thing to say, but I’m still saying it and I will stand by it!

I’m always fascinated by the fact that Norwegians all complain about the cold and the snow, but as soon as Easter (or any other winter holiday) comes around, they all run away to wherever they can find more of it!

The good thing is that Oslo is that there’s so much space here in the city! Way less crowded in the main streets, and I’ve really been taking advantage out of it! I’ve taken myself out on a dinner and a movie date, I’ve walked around in the city with the sun in my face, and I’ve taken the time to write in cafés that are usually crowded, but now have plenty of room.

It might not be the typical Easter holiday, but I’ve had the most wonderful time, and it’s not over yet! Tonight I plan on spending some quality time with a good book and my couch. I haven’t had time to just lose myself in literature in a while and I really miss it!

The need for alone time is not something that should be ignored or underestimated. I need it to recharge and to reset. This Easter has been all about that!

Now I am soon ready for new adventures and new challenges!



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