The Rejection Letter

Last year I sent a short story to a publisher, applying for their short story collection for debut authors. It was a long wait of many months before the dreaded rejection letter (or rather rejection e-mail) arrived in my inbox a little over a week ago.

They did get over 400 stories in and there’s only room for 12 stories in the book, so I wasn’t super optimistic about getting it, but I did hope of course.

As a writer, you usually do get used to the rejection letter, but it still sucks whenever it arrives.

It’s not something that breaks my spirit though. With every rejection, you have the choice to either let it break you, or you could use it as a motivator to keep going and get even better. I choose the latter.

So now I’ve decided that I’m going to translate the short story into English and try to submit it to some international writing competitions. Fingers crossed!

Writing is my passion and the thing that I will never stop doing, for as long as I live.

So let me pour myself a glass of something good and raise it in honor of to the rejection letter and the art of writing! To never giving up and to keep on writing! To getting up every time one falls down!

Cheers guys!


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