I Am Surrounded by Superwomen!

8th of March. International Women’s Day! And after a day of attention around my gender, I have reflected a bit on how much I am surrounded by everyday Superwomen and Goddesses. 

There are so many wonderful women in my life, and I don’t believe that they get nearly as much credit as they deserve. 

These are just some of them:

Mothers who shape the lives of their kids every day, but still knows how to shake it on the dancefloor on girl’s night out.

Best friends who will make me laugh till I’m positively sure that I’m going to piss my pants, but will also tell me the honest truth, even if it hurts.

Family members that I don’t see as often as I’d like, but somehow always feel like they are close by. 

Colleagues that knows how to rock their job in all kinds of ways, but also goof around when it gets quiet. 

Old friends that I don’t talk to that often, but whenever we meet, we have so many shared stories to laugh about that everything feels like it happened yesterday.

Creative souls that inspire me by just being themselves, but also share their struggles whenever they end up in a rut just like I do from time to time. 

Strangers that brightens up the world that they walk upon, and the ones that share compliments without wanting anything in return but the joy of it. 

Soulmates that can never be replaced, and no matter how long a time that passes without speaking, we still know just how strong the love is! 

Eyes that glitter. Contagious smiles. Relatable tears. Beautiful bodies in all shapes and sizes! 

To all of the every day Goddesses and Superwomen in the world! I’m so grateful for the honor of sharing this tiny spot in the universe with you guys! 

I love you all ❤️ YOU ROCK!

Happy International Women’s Day! 

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