Learning a New Language

For a while now, I’ve been using Duolingo to practice a new language. As you may have noticed, my last name isn’t all that Norwegian! But it is as common in the Netherlands as many of the most common Norwegian last names are.

My Dutch heritage (on my father’s side) goes pretty far back, and from what I know, none of us here in Norway can speak Dutch as of now. But I want to change that.

I started learning Dutch a few months back, and I’ve been doing it on and off. I need to get into a better routine of it, and I think one of the ways to do that is to listen to Dutch audiobooks and watch Dutch television. This has proven to be a bit more difficult to do than I first anticipated. First off, I can’t seem to download Dutch audiobooks on my Audible, which was a bummer.

My plan was to read and listen to the first Harry Potter book in Dutch. I bought the Kindle edition with that in mind, but haven’t been able to get my hands on the audiobook yet.

But as many of you know, I am going to Amsterdam in just a few weeks! There I intend to get my hands on some Dutch books, and keep on practicing. I don’t expect to be talking much Dutch while I’m there this time around, but I really want to try. So there might be some awkward video footage of me butchering Dutch words to be seen after the trip!

Do you have any tips for learning a new language? Any apps, games, books or movies you would recommend? Let me know 😊

Wens me geluk!

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