Don’t Grow Up! It’s a Trap!

Sometimes I really feel like being swept away be Peter and fly off to Neverland. To stay a playful child forever and not having to worry about grownup problems.

But whenever I find myself wishing to go, I have to remind myself that everyday life is filled with bits and pieces of Neverland. All you have to do is look for it. There might not be any faerie dust around that’ll make you fly, but how incredible is it that we can actually step inside of a massive piece a metal and fly away?!

You might not be able to live inside of a giant tree, but you could climb one, or make yourself a treehouse. Or you could travel to the most unique places and live in places that would’ve never crossed your mind!

You will not stay young forever, but you do have an option when it comes to growing up. It’s important to make grownup decisions from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing! It doesn’t mean that you have to quit goofing around, dance whenever you feel like it, go for rides, get new friends, roll around in the grass (preferably with a puppy… or ten!), have sleepovers and go on adventures!

When was the last time you went for a walk and got lost for a while? When was the last time you went to a pajama party? And when was the last time you laughed so hard, you literally thought you were going to piss your pants?

If you can’t remember when, then I challenge you to do something about it!

I constantly remind myself to not take things too seriously, to play and to have fun. It’s not always easy, especially if you get yourself wrapped up in all the news. It can be hard to find things to make one smile when everyone talks about how the world is crumbling. I totally get it, and I too struggle with it from time to time. But like everything else, it becomes easier with practice. Practice and a good dose of zero fucks given at times.

Be a grownup when you have to be, but find your inner child whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Look at the world as a child discovers it. Marvel at its beauty! Be moved by sunsets and the depth of a pair of stranger’s eyes.

So today’s post is just a little reminder for you all to enjoy the life you have! You don’t know how long it’ll last or what’s going to happen tomorrow, so make the most out of today!

Have fun!

Don’t grow up! It’s a trap!

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