My Dream Day

As a Live a Great Story Ambassador, we get weekly challenges, and the challenge for this week was all about visualising your dreams. Writing them down with as much detail as you can, and to manifest it! Because when it comes to working against your goals and dreams, it’s so important to have a clear view of what it is that you want. Law of attraction is no joke guys πŸ˜‰

So I thought I would share my dream day with you!


My dream day would start pretty early. I don’t really see myself waking up any place in particular, but it would be a place with an interesting view. Because when I get to where I want to be, anywhere in the world will be a potential office for the day.

I would get up and do some morning yoga, preferably outside with the sun on my skin.

Then I would meditate for a little while before it is time for a good and healthy vegan breakfast. After that I would make myself a cup of coffee and I would write down the things I’m grateful for, to start the day on the most positive note possible.Β 

After that it would be time to work. I would bring my mac or a notebook to a nearby coffee shop and sit down for a few hours. There I would write away on my current project while enjoying good coffee, surrounded by wonderful strangers, and maybe some that were no longer strangers. I would get inspiration from the vibe around me, and I would put it into my written words.Β 

After writing for a while, I would put away my mac/notebook, find my camera and start filming. Either from my “home office” or out and about, depending on the project I had in mind. This particular day that I have in mind, I’m somewhere new, and I would be walking around the city, exploring with my camera. I would capture all of the wonderful places and faces I would meet on my new adventure. Throughout the day I would taste interesting food, and talk to interesting people. Taking in the city and all it has to offer. Later, when I’ve uploaded all my footage and changed for the evening, I would go for a drink and have a look at what the city would be like at night.Β 

And depending on what that evening would bring, I would either end up having a social night or to go back to my current home and end the day with some writing or editing.Β 

And then I would crawl under the covers with a big smile on my face, already looking forward to the next day and all its new adventures!


So there you have it! My dream day would consist of writing, filming and traveling. I plan on doing a lot more of all three in the time that’s to come, and maybe my dream day isn’t as far away as I thought when this year started πŸ’›

What would your dream day be like?

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful day! Though I’d swap out the writing for making comics and the camera for watercolor painting for myself. Throw in some bike riding as well.

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