The Lovely Quiet

Sometimes when I write, I really like to sit somewhere that I’m surrounded by other people. I get super inspired by all the faces, the conversations, the sounds and the music. But when I’m as tired as I’ve been the last few days, I crave less interaction and more quiet. But if I completely isolate myself in my apartment for too long, then that’ll make me go a bit crazy.

So today I got dressed for snow and winter, and took Mork for a long walk. We followed the trail for a while, but then we just walked into the deep snow and worked our way through it for about an hour. After a while I found a big rock where Mork and I sat down and we just listened. That lovely quiet was so beautiful that I almost started to cry. All I could hear was my own and Mork’s breath, the slight breeze and the rustling of trees. No voices and no noise. It was just quiet.

I could feel the pieces that’ve been a little out of place lately, slowly finding their way back to each other. My mind and my body felt so at ease while we sat there and just enjoyed the lovely quiet.

It was perfect, and I had no idea I needed it as badly as I did!


2 thoughts on “The Lovely Quiet

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  1. I think I could use a little quiet myself. Lately I’ve felt the way you describe in the first paragraph. I’m going to New York this weekend so it’ll be the opposite of quiet(but still plenty of fun).

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