The Time to Leave Will Come

I’ve been living in Oslo on and off for about 11-12 years now, and having spent a decade in a city, there are bound to be some memories attached to it.

I’ve gone through relationships, dating, heartbreak, friendships, disappointment and utter joy here, and pretty much everywhere I go that’s close to central Oslo is a walk down memory lane.

I did a post a few years back about my hometown being filled with ghosts of my past. I guess I have my good share of ghosts in Oslo now as well. And on the not so good days, it’s easy to mistake a city full of memories for a graveyard of dreams that didn’t come true.

I can follow the steps from first dates until breakup throughout the city. Seeing places where I nervously waited, the street corner where I got a first kiss, the club where we danced, the spot by the ocean where we spent hours talking, to the bench where it ended, and all the places in between.

I’ve had my heart broken to pieces twice in this city, and I can find the pieces spread out when I walk through it, lost in thoughts of the past.

You guys know that I like to keep my focus forward and to stay positive, but it’s also important to mention that having that kind of mindset can be really difficult some days. I have my bad days, just as everyone else does, and sometimes when they come I just can’t stand to walk around from gravestone to gravestone of lost love.

On a good day though, I can look at them as statues of where my personality and beliefs were shaped into what they are today. On good days (which are most days) I can walk from spot to spot and smile nostalgically as the shadows of past events play out before my eyes.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that staying in one place for a long time can be challenging, and I really do get why sometimes leaving to start anew can be the best choice.

Would I leave Oslo if I could? Probably. I feel very drawn to other places, and I can easily picture myself living somewhere different. But even so, I do love this city for all the journeys it has taken me on, and all the lessons I’ve learned❤

And I do look forward to new journeys and lessons that will take place in this city, before the time comes for me to move on.


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