Did you know that my mom does magic?

I'm very lucky to have a mom that can do magic. Out of something quite small, she can create warmth, protection and love. She works her magic, sometimes for hours on end, and the result is something that no one can experience in the exact same way. Her hands work love into everything she creates.... Continue Reading →

Naked – POEM

I am naked To call out the voice of shame Laugh in its face Beat it at its own game   I am naked To bare my very soul What’s inside this flesh Is what makes me whole   I shed my clothes And fear screams of treason But when I really listen It’s clear... Continue Reading →

Vegan Pancakes – RECIPE

Sunday is pancake day at our place! And on the weekends when Leander is home, we have my favorite vegan pancakes for breakfast! They are super easy to make and so tasty! And today I thought I'd share that recipe with you guys☺️ Ingredients: 6 dl (2 ½ cups) flour 1 dl (½ cup) coarse ground... Continue Reading →

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