Writer’s Block – POEM

Blank papers and a pen almost dried out I have so much to write about But as I put that pen to paper It's still as blank an hour later There's so much going on, changes I'd like to share But my searches turn up empty, the right words aren't there Maybe those words aren't... Continue Reading →


I was thinking about not caring…

Well that title makes me sounds like a cynic, but hear me out here. While walking to a writing session today, I had my camera with me and filmed some footage for future vlogs. I've been doing that a lot for the last week or so and the more I film, the more I realise... Continue Reading →

Look Look! Another Notebook Collection!



March 2016 – Wrap Up



I was thinking about enjoying myself…

A while back I had some time to spare between a couple of meetings. What do writers do when they have time to spare? They order coffee and sit down to write of course! I ordered myself a double soy latte and the barista that served me did not yell "DOUBLE SOY LATTE" when it... Continue Reading →


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