From Lost to Found – POEM

Sometimes there's only grass No path to follow Direction unknown And every answered question Leaves you more lost than before * Time passes you by slowly In the rustling of leaves And dreams move on too fast On cotton balls in the sky While you are walking in circles * The thunderstorm comes rolling in... Continue Reading →

How did I become so lucky?

Most of us have a very dear childhood friend in mind when we think back. Can you remember yours? It's not a given that the wonderful childhood friendship is one that's going to follow you into adulthood. Some gets lost along the way, and others just grow apart. Some are lost in fights (meaningless mostly) and... Continue Reading →

A lifestyle change!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know about this huge change that I made to my life, a little over a week ago. It's something that has been on my mind for quite some time, but to commit to eat felt kind of scary and overwhelming. I just didn't have the motivational... Continue Reading →

Hidden – POEM

I've hidden you in a box Down in the darkness Where only I can find you The path to the box is hidden too By unspoken dreams And lost words Don't go looking for you You won't like what you find You'll get lost in the darkness I hid you away for a reason You... Continue Reading →

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