Butter by Erin Jade Lange – REVIEW

I read¬†this book on my Kindle, for the Anti Bullying Readathon. Publisher: Bloomsbury Publication date: September 4th. 2012 Pages: 294 (hardcover)               Synopsis by the publisher: A lonely obese boy everyone calls "Butter" is about to make history. He is going to eat himself to death-live on the Internet-and... Continue Reading →

Holding Back

We’ve collaborated once again! Kirsti’s brilliant mind of photography and my written words!
Enjoy ūüôā

hegre backman


A desire in me hidden deep
The very need to let go and leap
But when about to do just so
Something refused to let me go
Forced my dreams to silent sleep

Spirit uncomfortably bound
Roped and shackled to the ground
For way too long I could not see
As I screamed to be let free
Let me look for a path unfound

I fought until my spirit soar
A quiet, painful and internal war
And then a choice made by me
Was all that needed to be free
My dreams be bound never more

Dikt forfatter: Christina de Vries
Se hennes blogg: http://www.geek-heaven.com/

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The Wait – POEM

Seconds. Minutes. Hours. The wait. The torture. The bliss. Uncertain as well as certain. Smiling and frowning slightly Unexpected.Unknown. Hours. Minutes. Seconds. The wait is over. ©Christina de Vries- Geek Heaven

The Window by Christina de Vries

His eyes. Dreaming. Lost. The first thing I noticed. He was standing there.¬† Looking out of his window.¬† Staring into forever.¬† He didn't notice me.¬† Or so I thought.¬† * A flower. Blooming. Beautiful. The next day it was there.¬† Bright yellow. Alone. A yellow face of petals. Waving to the world from his window.... Continue Reading →

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