Meet Mork!

I just realised that I haven’t written about Mork, only showed him in a couple of videos. So I thought it was about time for you all to meet Mork.


Mork and his sister Mindy were found on the streets of Spain where they lived without their mother and probably surviving of whatever they could find.

They were both dehydrated and full of fleas and tics when they were brought into MS Rescue, an animal shelter in Marbella. Here they were treated and rehabilitated before they were put up for adoption.


MS Rescue was recommended to me by someone else who had adopted a dog from them a while back. I went to their Facebook pageΒ where they have photo albums of all of their dogs and a short text about their personality.

That was where I found Mork and fell in love. He’s about eight months old and probably a Pincher mix of some sort. I emailed them and no more than about a month later we were anxiously driving up to the airport to pick him up.

We connected instantly with him and he immediately gave hugs and kisses after just a few seconds together. When we came home he sniffed around a bit and then fell asleep next to me in the couch.

Because of his background he can be a bit sceptical and scared of other people and dogs, but he’s constantly making new friends. He just needs a little time.

He loves to lounge around in the couch and to run around in the grass. Playing fetch is also one of his favorite activities.

What he does not like is the dark and rain. I get him!

I feel very lucky to have gotten such a loyal and wonderful little pal. He’s a joy to have around and definitely brightens up any day!


Are you thinking about getting a dog? Consider adopting one from an animal shelter. There are so many dogs (and other animals for that matter) that’s been treated unfair and left without a loving home. They need our help!

I can highly recommend MS Rescue. They’ve been so helpful along the way and I wish them all the best! Keep up the good work!!

Go visit your local animal shelter or you can Google and find shelters that will adopt internationally.

For those of you who may wonder; Mindy was adopted to Norway as well πŸ™‚


Have a wonderful and creative day! We’re going to go snuggle on the couch now!

Sunday kisses from Mork and me!!

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