I was thinking about death…

I know that sounds overly dramatic as a title, but there’s really no other honest title that would fit this post. 


This week my son lost both a great grandmother and a grandfather (on his father’s side) with just a little over 24 hours apart. This would be the first time that he was to lose someone (other than pets) and I thought long and hard about how I wanted to break this news to him. 

And the thing about thinking long and hard about death is that I feel in no way any wiser about the subject and it did by no means make it any easier to talk about. 

At the age og twenty-seven I find the subject of death hard to comprehend and I can even remember feeling overwhelmed by the thought when I was at my sons age as well. Life and death is such a vast and difficult subject with all its imperfections, beauty and struggles. To think that it will one day be over is very difficult for me to think about, and whenever someone I know passes away it is a reminder of the fact that we’re not going to live forever. I haven’t really made up my mind about what I think happens to us after the ticker stops to tick, but that’s okay. I would rather focus on the time I have here now than using time and energy to worry about what comes after. What if it’s nothing? Just a big void of nothing? Just the thought of that scares me a whole lot if I’m going to be honest. 

So how do one talk about death in a healthy and right way? I’m no expert but what we did, was that we cried together and we talked about memories. About how important it is to remember all the good things, but it’s okay to be sad and that there’s no shame in crying. 

It’s hard to come up with wise words about death, mostly because it’s a subject that I myself find very difficult to wrap my head around. 

So this post turned out to be just a tiny ramble of thoughts that I needed to share and I will leave you all with some wise words from Alan Watts on the subject. 

And my final saying in the matter is this:

Remember the good times. The moments that made you smile and laugh out loud. Escape back to those times when everything else feels like it’s too much to handle.


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