The Whisper King by Wil Radcliffe – Book Tour Stop

This time I've teamed up with BookBear for their book tour of The Whisper King by Wil Radcliffe. They were so generous to send me The Whisper King to read and give an honest review.¬† Thank you BookBear! I read this book on my kindle. Genre: Dark Fantasy Publisher: Necro Publication Publication Date: July 17th,... Continue Reading →

Underneath by Christina de Vries – POEM

Under a blue umbrella Someone clearly missed Beneath the sunny skies Memories of one kissed Behind the smile All that's left behind Hidden in a lost face Might be happiness to find He looked and thought it obvious By seeing, he just knew Feelings can be easily disguised Especially the true *** ¬©Christina de Vries... Continue Reading →

Working With Books!

So, I was talking about starting new chapters in my last post and one of the very exciting and very new chapters that's started in my life is my new job. I've written about the physical struggle I've been through with my shoulders and arms the last year and it's been a whole lot of... Continue Reading →

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