Midnight Gratefulness 

Well in all honesty, the clock passed midnight way over an hour ago. But that is only a minor detail. 

There’s been so many surprises and wonderful things happening lately and at this very moment I’m lying in bed completely awestruck and so unbelievably grateful and excited!

First off I have to mention that Paulo Coelho shared both my written review and my video review of his book Adultery on his Facebook and Twitter! 


And yes! I shamelessly print screened it because this is freaking huge and utterly amazing! To be acknowledged for something that you do by someone you admire makes you feel so incredibly lucky and so grateful! This is something I will remember the rest of my life!! 

 And even though I’ve always loved reading (way before I started my blog and my YouTube channel) this made me even more motivated to read even more and expand my horizons while sharing it all with you guys! 

My views on this blog hit an all time record! I now have over 300 followers on this blog and over 100 followers on YouTube and it’s all happening at record speed now. At the time when I’m writing this, my video review of Adultery just passed 2000 views in just over 24 hours of it being published on my channel. 2000! It’s mind boggling to me but so amazing at the same time!

It’s so wonderful to read your comments and e-mails. And in a moment like this it is really hard to find the words that do my feelings justice, but to simply sum it up:


You’re all amazing and I love you guys so much! Thanks for all the lovely comments, constructive criticism, tips and encouraging words! You all warm my heart and inspire me endlessly! 

Now that I got to pour my heart out I’m going to try to get some sleep (with a huge smile on my face and a couple of matching tears) so wish me good luck 🙂 


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