Je Suis Charlie – Poem

I am Charlie

And Charlie is me

One of many that work to teach

The very importance of freedom of speech

Freedom forces one to be brave

Refusing to ever be enslaved

By fear of irrational threats

From extremists who owns no regrets

Bravery can be scary in a world of anger

Where fighters of freedom remain despite the danger

But January seventh we lost too many

In a present where printed pages should not kill any

Part of Charlie’s fighting spirits lost to hate

A tragic reminder to come together, it’s never too late

Freedom of speech needs all of our voices

To sing out about a world of possibilities and choices

Fighters of the right to express what’s on ones mind

Remind us to open our eyes, never choose to be blind

We will not turn to violence, we will speak

Kindness, love and respect does not make us weak

The lost souls of January seventh will not go in vain

As long as the spirit of Charlie remain


©Christina de Vries – Geek Heaven


3 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie – Poem

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  1. Freedom of speech can never be suppressed. The people of the world must be free today or tomorrow to speak whant they think and believe. Tribute to all those who stake their lives to gain freedom of expression for the world.

    1. Well written words 🙂
      It’s important that we pay tribute to all of them and keep going as personal ambassadors of freedom of speech. The world needs less violence and more love and respect.

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