Another Year by Christina de Vries – POEM

Another year has come and gone A year with new smiles and new faces Unexpected things came my way Through adventures to new places * Faced some obstacles obstacles on my way And next year I'll try even harder To reach my dreams and goals As they will grow even larger * I am thankful for everything The... Continue Reading →

Review – The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell

The Twistrose Key is the story of Lindelin (Lin) Rosenquist, dead pets and a magical winter kingdom. Her pet mouse Rufus lies buried under the rose bed outside of their new house and Lin feels that something isn't right about where they have moved. It's like the clock moves a bit too slow and there... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time! (Poem)

Time for more smiles and laughter  Time for snow angels and hot coco after * More time with family and friends Time for old traditions and new trends * When so many try a little more To be better than what they were before * Cookies, cakes, candy and food  Wonderful tastes that put you... Continue Reading →

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