Tick Tock by Christina de Vries (POEM)

I reblogged a post from my very good friend and amazing photographer, Kirsti Hegre Backman’s blog last week, and now I want to share the poem with you once more.

Tick Tock


It had pointing fingers
To all the places I should have been 
While it whispered 
Of all the things I had not seen
Always going forward
Constant reminder of the past 
Always in a hurry
Every single moment moves on too fast 
Tick Tock 
It points to all that should be done 
Tick Tock 
Points to every moment, already gone 
I had enough, I screamed 
No more of this, my life I take you back
You no longer own my fear
What ifs and maybes I paint you black 
I killed the Tick 
With every brush stroke repeated a vow 
I killed the Tock 
Won with three white letters in the center: NOW
©Christina de Vries – Geek Heaven
Photo : Kirsti Hegre Backman
Photo : Kirsti Hegre Backman

Visit Kirsti’s site to see more of her amazing stuff! CLICK HERE 🙂 

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