Emma Watson Has Something To Say and You Need To Listen!

I first saw this video yesterday when the UN published it on their YouTube channel and Emma Watson's words of gender equality had me choked up. We all know that this is a problem and yet so many of us do so little to make a change for the generations that are yet to come.... Continue Reading →

Some Goodies to Share!

I love to share inspiring and beautiful things with you guys! I thought my night would be all Apple and writing, but since the live streaming of the Apple launch was a disaster (and that is saying it as nicely as I possibly can) and my tendonitis is kicking up like crazy at the moment... Continue Reading →

Motivation in Poetry

I consider myself quite the positive person, but as I have mentioned in other posts; It can be hard to be positive in a negative world. Some days I need a cup of extra motivation. I find this motivation in poetry, literature and art in general. I find it in smiles, friends and kind words.... Continue Reading →

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