The People We Meet by Christina de Vries (Poem)

Life is about the people we meet

Randomly placed next to your seat

The stranger you helped the other day

The unexpected love that got away

Some stay all your lifetime through

Others will in time come to leave you

True friendships are worth the fight

Be careful not to hold on too tight

To the randoms who aren’t worth your while

They who bring forth tears instead of smile

Strangers we get to know are our future to be

You choose who you keep and who you set free

Life is about the relationships we make

It changes a little with every hand you shake

Don’t waste time on the uselessness of regret

Past can’t be changed, no undoing of those already met

From the touch of a hand to the faces we see

Chances given, turn into the life of you and me

©Christina de Vries – Geek Heaven

3 thoughts on “The People We Meet by Christina de Vries (Poem)

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  1. Lovely. Reminds me of something I read a few days back. “No need to run away. The sky has already fallen a thousand time over & we still survive.”

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