Unknown Terror by Christina de Vries (poem)

The news of it all over the place A newfound terror from an unknown face A fear of not knowing what to look for Of everything falling apart behind the next door Has the terrorists already won Now that we fear our safety as gone Police tell us to not change our ways To be... Continue Reading →

The Returned by Jason Mott (review)

Harold and Lucille Hargrave's eight-year-old son, Jacob, died tragically in 1966. In their old age they've settled comfortably into life without him…. Until one day Jacob mysteriously appears on their doorstep—flesh and blood, still eight years old. All over the world people's loved ones are returning from beyond. No one knows how or why, whether... Continue Reading →

Optimist by Christina de Vries

You might not believe it But it’s absolutely true Sometimes the smiling optimist Has doubting thoughts too   At times the pessimists will Shove the smilers down Has them hiding away With an uncomfortable frown   Would you believe it If I told you they cry as well? When the heavy weight Press down on... Continue Reading →

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