The Days of the Mojo

Let’s look at the word Mojo.

Mojo (African-American culture), a magical charm bag used in hoodoo.

Probably of Creole origin, cognate with Gullah moco (“witchcraft”), Fula moco’o (“medicine man”)


The word mojo is associated with personal magnetism, charm and sex appeal. In some settings mojo is also used to explain a supernatural power or luck.


And now that we have covered the basic meaning of the word mojo, so the next is for me to introduce something that I find absolutely amazing whenever it comes around for a visit.

The Day of the Mojo.

Those are the days when at the moment you get out of bed you have a feeling that the day will be amazing. Usually for me these days come on very ordinary days when nothing much out of the ordinary has been planned.

You get up and you get going and everything just runs smoothly throughout the day. At this point one realize that it is a day of the mojo and something shifts inside of you. You start to walk around smiling and with a little more swag in your walk and then people start to notice as well. That cute boy or girl that looks at you on the subway and smile or that stranger who keeps eye contact a little longer than usual. These are the people that notice your mojo!


So why am I writing  about mojo today? About some rare occasional day?

The reason is so simple but at the same time not so. Because the truth is that your mojo comes from your attitude! If you learn to love who you are and to be proud of the body you carry and the life you live then the days of the mojo won’t be something that only comes round once in a while. The mojo will turn into the best friend that lives nearby and comes to visit you ever so often!

The secret to the mojo is confidence. Not a flannel bag of hoodoo magic or that special brand of makeup. Not the flashy car or the money in your bank. It is about how you choose to carry yourself and what sides of yourself you wish to share with the rest of the world. And the best part of it is that mojo spreads! It catches on really quickly if in the right crowd.

So be a little more cocky and love yourself a little more than usual! Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your own beauty! Now find your inner mojo and go outside and strut your stuff! Show the world how you do your walk full of swag and your face full of smiles!

I dare you to make more of your days into Days of the Mojo!  I believe in you!

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