When Life Hands You Lemons

Sometimes making lemonade From handed lemons will be hard It will show you what you're made After letting down your guard But sometimes that will the best The sweetest lemonade you ever tasted Because when life put you to the test Every lemon is to important to be wasted ©Christina de Vries - Geek Heaven


Just like falling in love It comes with a promise of more Some of it you know from the past Some will be like never before It comes with a promise One you want it to keep Comes with smiles and warmth And nights with lack of deep sleep There when you wake up You... Continue Reading →

Too Soon For Words

I search and search my aching heart for it But scared I hide them all away I do not dare to write them down just yet It's too soon for the words I want to say Too soon to put these feelings down on paper I'm not ready for them to be true So I... Continue Reading →

Tim Burton – A True Poet

I have a soft spot for dark poetry and dark art. The world of Tim Burton fits perfectly into that soft spot and has had a special place in my heart for many years. I was thrilled when my son started having Nightmare Before Christmas as his favorite movie at around age two and it... Continue Reading →

To My Future Husband

I’m pretty sure we haven’t met yet and still I kind of miss you already. I miss the way I want us to cuddle while listening to the rain. How we laugh at each other’s stupid jokes. How you roll your eyes when I’m trying in the fifth dress and we should have left twenty... Continue Reading →

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