Never Mind The Whisky

My good friend Björn shared this movie with me a couple of days ago and told me that it was going to make me smile and tear up. He was right! The important thing here is not by far the Whisky, but how they tell a beautiful heartwarming story in only two minutes! Enjoy! Continue Reading →

His Tears Transformed Into Words

‘Mom?’ His tears are running down his face like the purest little rivers. The ones that breaks a mothers heart in an instant. ‘What is it sweetie?’ ‘I don’t think anybody likes me…’ He runs into my arms, crying, and while I stroke his back I ask him if anyone has told him that they... Continue Reading →

The Things We Tend To Forget

There are these crimes that plenty of us are guilty of from time to time. We tend to forget a lot of things. We get distracted by the negative and stressful events in life and that makes it difficult for us to see all the beauty, fun and sunshine that is really surrounding us. So... Continue Reading →

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