Another Moment Frozen in Time

Here's another picture from the shoot with Rune Hartvigsen 🙂 You can definitely see me like this way too often! Staring out the window, dreaming about anything and everything! That’s how my stories and poems are made! So a BIG THANK YOU to Rune for capturing me so well! You're awesome!!

New Picture!

Yesterday I got a couple of photos from my shoot with Rune Hartvigsen done in November and today I’m sharing one of them with you! Those of you who follow me on Facebook have probably already seen it 🙂 I’m very happy with the result and I absolutely love working with this guy!  

Transfixed by Beauty

Boys and girls and geeks of all ages!! A new video has been released by Shots of Awe and it’s just as gorgeous as the others! How often do you find yourself transfixed by beauty? I feel incredibly lucky to be able to find beauty in the weirdest things in this world. I use a... Continue Reading →

Needless Worries!

There are so many things that we choose to worry about that are in so many ways meaningless. Yes! I wrote choose, not because I think that we want to worry about these things, but because our mindset isn’t right. We tend to focus on the problems that life can bring instead of all the... Continue Reading →

Clint Smith tells it like it is!

Clint Smith touches on a subject that is increasingly becoming more and more evident. Healthy living shouldn't be so hard, what we put into our bodies should get some extra thoughts and violence around the world needs to be taken car of. We have a long way ahead of us, cleaning up a mess we... Continue Reading →

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