Struggling with that writers block?

The weekend is finally upon us and I’m sorry I haven’t been as active when it comes to writing the past week. I blame it on writers block and when the block finally subsided I started on a new poem that I’ve just finished. The poem will be posted here, on Soundcloud and YouTube very soon.


Going through that writers block got me thinking a lot about motivation and inspiration. It’s so easy to fall into the block and get lost. And if you let yourself get irritated (like I do too often) and focus on the block it will only get worse.

So how do I get rid of the block?? The answer is quiet simple! GET INSPIRED!

1. Put away your pen or computer.

If the writers block has gotten to you, don’t sit there and wait for it to go away. It doesn’t take orders like that.

2.   Focus on something completely different!

Snuggle yourself up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and dive into a good book. We writers have to read to keep us going. And maybe in the middle of a chapter you’ll find a sentence or maybe just a single word you will find your inspiration.

3. Do something creative!

Even though you’re struggling to write maybe there’s something else that you can do get your creative juices flowing. Sometimes I like to draw or even bake a cake to shift focus but still stay creative in the process.

4. Watch a movie.

“This story is probably ten times better when you read it.” I can’t count how many times I’ve thought this and even said it put loud. It is something that so many of us writers do. We picture how the words would tell an even better version of the story. And in movies we can find inspiration. Tons of it! How would you tell a similar story better? Write it down!

5. Take a walk.

There is so much beauty and inspiration to be found out there. Use all your senses. You can even take a notebook with you to write down what you see and everything your senses pick up on.

6. Do a writing prompt.

When you’ve shiftedyour focus a little and feel ready to pick up that pen again you might still want an extra push to get you into that serious writing mode. Find a writing prompt that triggers you. You have a lot of books with writing exercises that I like to use, but when I don’t have these at my grasp then I use the app or the WritingPrompts app. You can even google writing prompts and get some really good ones.


So there you have it! Some tips to get rid of that writers block that comes every now and then.

Happy writing!!


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