4 Days.. 6 Years.. Who cares??

The big talk these past days here in Norway has been about blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen's post on instagram. She posted this picture four days after giving birth to her first child: I didn't really think much about it other than being slightly surprised thinking back to how my body looked four days after I... Continue Reading →

Look At You!

Look at you! You sit there with your hair put up And that sparkly dress.   Look at you! With those ragged jeans And hair like a mess.   Look at you! With smokey eyes And that short skirt.   Look at you! All dressed up in a new suit And flowers all over your... Continue Reading →

Girls Who Read

I love it when I get introduced to new poets and poetry channels. This time it was my friend Alex who shared the poem “Girls Who Read” by Mark Grist in collaboration with Roundhouse London. Call me sentimental, but this poem brought happy tears and a warm feelings that reminded of a tiny high school crush when... Continue Reading →

Prove Them Wrong

Prove Them Wrong   At some point people will make you ask why When they hurt your heart and make you cry That is the time when you have to try   Close your eyes and slowly rewind Change the default settings of your mind Prepare yourself to be amazed of what you might find... Continue Reading →

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