I am beautiful because I am unique!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2utmIdVHJOM&feature=youtube_gdata_player I have written about this very same topic several times but I won't stop doing so. Just as this wonderful, beautiful girl so bravely tells us all what we already do know but for some reason won't accept; it is not the perception of beauty that is thrown at us that matters. It is... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Wii production stopped

After selling 100 million Wii consoles Nintendo has now stoped their production. No worries though, there is plenty of consoles around in shop storage and going out from the factory. And the Wii Mini and Wii U is still being made. As the announcement of this news came they had more to tell. Together with... Continue Reading →

Help me out :)

I'm going to write a new poem today and I want you guys to be the ones to choose what I'm going to write about! Bring on your best suggestion and I will choose on of them 🙂 Be creative!

Join The Compliment Project!

After writing about The Compliment Project yesterday I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to really make it happen and not just me, I wanted to bring as many along as I possibly could. So I started a Geek Heaven event on Facebook. It starts today and lasts out 2013. Anyone can join... Continue Reading →

Is Love a Religious Problem?

As they always do, Shots of Awe has published a new video that really makes you think. Are we looking for a completion with love? A completion that we fail to find in a God? What do you think?

The HTC One Max – Why?

The world is crazy about phablets!   There has been some details leaked about the new HTC, but it wasn’t until yesterday that HTC announced their new phone HTC One Max. With a 5.9” screen it is bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but lacking the stylus and no multi task menu. When I... Continue Reading →

The Compliment Project

Have you ever thought about how much a compliment can be worth?   I love giving compliments to strangers. It always takes them by surprise and it always brings out an extra smile in them. A while back I had a project that I liked to call The Compliment Project. I was going to compliment... Continue Reading →

Sweet Free Books!!

If you haven't heard about Sweet Free Books then you are in for a treat!! Although a Kindle tablet is placed high on this years wish list I have really gotten to know and love the Kindle App that I'm using more and more on my HTC One. So today I got a pleasant surprise... Continue Reading →

The Fall

The wind has gotten a little colder A new range of colors comes out play As the year grows a little older Orange, yellow and red fills up the day   Raindrops gently kisses your face As the wind invites to another dance You meet again for days and days Such a perfect post-summer romance... Continue Reading →

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