The HTC One Max – Why?

The world is crazy about phablets!


There has been some details leaked about the new HTC, but it wasn’t until yesterday that HTC announced their new phone HTC One Max.


With a 5.9” screen it is bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but lacking the stylus and no multi task menu.

When I first heard about the HTC One Max I was a little excited. What did HTC going to bring to the phablets table, and could they compete with Samsung? The HTC One had after all taking over the purse spot of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, so could the One Max take over the Geek Crush I’ve been having for the Note 3?

So I searched high and love for hands on videos and reviews on the One Max and most of them said pretty much the same.

It’s like they have given a growth hormone to an HTC One, and I have to agree with a lot of the reviews out there when it comes to wondering who the hell is going to buy one? I’ve never looked at my HTC One and wished that it were bigger. And when it lacks all the things that make the Galaxy Note 3 a great phablet then I don’t really see the point to this phone at all.  It does not have the same sleek look as the One but looks more like a One Mini.

One Max carries the same Snapdragon 600 as the One does, but this really shouldn’t be any problem as all the tests and reviews claim that no matter how hard they pushed the phone towards its limit it didn’t fail. But then again, I was suspecting somewhat of an upgrade when they were launching a new phone.

The camera is also the same as the HTC One but it lacks the optical image stabilization that has been much loved about on the HTC One. Why remove this feature? It’s like fixing something that isn’t broken and I don’t see the point.

The fingerprint scanner is poorly placed and since you have to do a swiping motion on a screen that sits right below the camera you are sure to smudge up the camera lens every time you log in to your phone. Thankfully you can turn it off, but when that option is the one that you are looking for then maybe they should have just left that feature out in the first place.


The huge difference that comes to mind here is that you can actually open up the back cover on the HTC One Max so that you can upgrade your storage from 16GB or 32 GB to 64 GB if you should have the need to do so.

When it comes to software it is packing a revised version of the HTC’s Android skin, Sense 5.5. This runs on top of Android 4.3, which provides new features and customization for the BlinkFeed.

As far as I can see HTC haven’t given the public a price point for this phone, but it is suspected to be pretty steep.  And again I wonder who’s going to buy a stretched out and (only slightly) pumped up HTC One?

I’m sorry HTC but I don’t think this was the right move for you guys….


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