The Compliment Project

Have you ever thought about how much a compliment can be worth?


I love giving compliments to strangers. It always takes them by surprise and it always brings out an extra smile in them. A while back I had a project that I liked to call The Compliment Project. I was going to compliment at least one stranger every single day. I did this for a while and have no idea why I stopped. It gave me so much joy to see how much it meant to them that little thing that was so easy to do.


Then here the other day I did something that I haven’t done before. I complimented a young girl. I’m guessing she was about thirteen years old, extremely shy and absolutely gorgeous.

Earlier I had only complimented grown ups for some unexplainable reason. But as I looked at this shy beautiful girl it took me back to my teenage years. I was also a shy girl, afraid of what the popular girls were going to make fun of this time, if what I was wearing looked okay and if maybe that boy that I had been crushing on would notice me. I rarely got complimented from other girls except from my best friends of course. So I thought about how it would feel to get a compliment from someone who has grown up out of that insecurity, someone with confidence. And so I took the opportunity and went for it. I walked over to her and told her she looked wonderful today and that I loved her dress.

The response was priceless! At the same time as she blushed she lit up like the sun! Her face almost changed in front of me into someone new but at the same time it was she. She thanked me and I told her that it was my pleasure before I gave her a smile and walked away. And I’m sure that as I walked off you could see a strut in my walk. I felt so good and so blissful. I have no idea for how long this brightened her day, but if it was only for a few seconds it was still worth it. To see how that confidence radiated from her face was the most amazing thing.

To make the world a better place we all have to start with ourselves and stop pointing fingers at each other. This is just a tiny little gesture, but at the same time I brought out a smile in someone and it was so easy. Anyone can do it!


So I have decided to start The Compliment Project once more. Everyday I will compliment a stranger. I will strive to brighten someone else’s day and I’m going to try to compliment more teenagers. To be a teenager isn’t easy and I’m sure a lot of them need a simple confidence boost, boys as well as girls. And I would recommend everyone to try this out. Whenever you see someone with a gorgeous dress, nice shoes, lovely hair, a breath taking smile or a lovely laugh. Anything you see that you like, take the time to tell them. It doesn’t cost you anything other than a few moments of your time and I guarantee you that it will be worth it!

Make a stranger smile a little more today!


The Compliment Project, are you in??


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