It is time for a change!

Are you aware of how the media affects how so many of us think? How we look at ourselves? And how we look at others?

What does our future look like if we are not willing to open our eyes and look at the way our world is functioning at this moment? And how are we going to change it?

Take a look at growing up today. So much of what we learn comes from television and the Internet. And how are women being portrayed in these channels?

As little girls we grow up with Barbie dolls, Disney princesses and teenage movies with picture perfect Hollywood stars. We are brought up to believe that being perfect is looking like the girls/women we see in the media. You are not allowed to look different, to be different and to stand up for it.

We focus a lot on how men makes women feel less valued and objectified. This is of course a real problem and I’m not trying to say that it isn’t. But the thing is that I think girls pick up this bullying through media a lot earlier than the boys.

Women wants to be strong and we want to be equal but we do in some way just accept that this isn’t how the world is today. We don’t believe that we have that strength inside of us to fight for our equal rights.

“Let someone else fight for it!”

A lot of the feminists that we’ve seen are the ones who doesn’t really fight for equality but instead they fight for some sort of world where women take the places that the men have today. That is not a healthy way to go at it either.

It is as easy as this.

–       The person who is most qualified for the job should be the one to get it, no matter what their gender is.

–       If a woman does the same job and has the same responsibilities as a man, there is no sane reason for that woman to get paid less than the man.

Shouldn’t this be pretty clear to everyone and anyone?

The other thing that has to be said about women which I started mentioning a little earlier in this post is the bullying and scrutiny that women tend to do to other women. We don’t want to be objectified and valued because of our looks but we do the very same thing towards other women. How is this ever going to change if we can’t change it in ourselves?

We need to stop picking on others for how they look. Because for us to feel accepted as individuals we have to accept the others for what they are; Individuals.

We need to remember that the picture perfect women we see in the media aren’t real. They are in the media for solely one reason; money. Not the women, but the companies using them in their adverts, tv shows and so on. There is an exploding industry making an insane amount of money because of insecurity. Plastic surgery, clothes, makeup etc.

We are taught that looking a certain way is the only option and that is where we need to put our foot down.

Dress up for you, no one else. Put on that makeup because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. And don’t let anyone make you feel that you can’t achieve your dreams because of your gender. Everything in life is half chanced, and that is the same for everyone.

Make it or break it, aim for the top no matter how impossible anyone might tell you it is.

We need female leaders, female voices and female faces. We need more role models for young girls!

Embrace your beauty and be proud of who you are!

We don’t have to accept things as they are when it is so obvious that they need to change!

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